Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get More Facebook 'Like' Get More Money

Facebook Like Locker WordPress & Blogger

Tap into Facebook’s 620 million users with the WordPress Like Locker plugin. WP Like Locker will allow you to add thousands of fans to your WordPress site on Facebook with almost no work. More likes = more traffic = more money!Facebook Like Locker WordPress & Blogger
Facebook Like Locker WordPress Plugins The first plugin of its kind it allows you to wrap your post content in a “Like Locker” that will require the user to like the post to view the content. Build a social media super presence over night by locking all, or just parts of your posts! Facebook is a proven traffic source and can create long term growth for your websites.

Offer 1 facebook locker wordpress & blogger only 0.99USD.After make payment please send your name and website to caribiz2u@gmail.com.This locker wordpress & blogger will proceed for you only 1 website for 0.99 usd 1 years.After that you will receive code javascript and install in your website.

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